Haydn Grey 
everything is connected 

Looking for a B2B copywriter?

I work with people in businesses of all shapes and sizes, across different sectors and industries, either face to face – or via the magic of Zoom.

I’m here to listen and learn what’s needed. And can help, whether you want my involvement in the early planning and strategy stages of your project – the bit that’s all white boards and marker pens. Or you just need a safe pair of hands to take the brief and get on with it.

• Copywriting for print and digital

• Copywriting training courses

• Video and animation scripts

• Brand tone of voice development

• Messaging frameworks

• Brand strategy development


Everything is connected. Especially in the B2B space.

From getting people across an entire business engaged in what’s happening internally, to talking to specific audiences about your products and services.

I’ll work with you to help you work out what to say to whom – and how to say it – to get the best response.

From websites and white papers to scripts and tone of voice guidelines.


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Give me the website you don’t have time to write.
The white paper you need to deliver.
The tone of voice you need to develop.
The corporate video you have to script.

Let’s clear that to-do-list
Deliver that final draft
And set your words to work.

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Case Study
NHS My care, my way

“Katherine is unwaveringly passionate about delivering copy fit for purpose. She is dedicated to the subject and the result is copy delivered to brief with little need for revision. It certainly helped deliver effective marketing materials and I have readily shared her contact details with colleagues without hesitation.”

Anne Cockerton, Head of Communications Whole Systems Integrated Care | NHS West London CCG

The brief: Working with the Head of Communications Whole Systems Integrated Care at NHS West London CCG the brief was to write patient orientated copy for an audience of people aged 65 and over to explain a new health service especially for them.

Working with: Creative design agency Blue Step Solutions

The project: A full marketing campaign, including a detailed leaflet for patients, a general leaflet, posters, a website with case studies and a press release to announce the service launch.

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Case Study
Knowledge Transfer Network

“Katherine was incredibly flexible and independent – brief her and she’s off, no overbearing management or oversight needed. That’s invaluable when you’re outsourcing work. I was confident in her ability to be proactive, her confidence to walk into a room full of strangers and interview them and her creative ability to produce a useable and useful report. Following that work, I was able to recommend her to colleagues without hesitation.”

Jenny Volkers, Communications Manager | KTN

The brief: Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) is Innovate UK’s network partner.KTN helps businesses get the best out of creativity, ideas and the latest discoveries, to strengthen the UK economy and improve people’s lives. The first of two projects for KTN involved event reporting at a key Innovate UK funding announcement in Central London. The second project was to write a brochure titled Prospering from the Energy Revolution, part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund.

Working with: The KTN Team

The project:KTN provides innovation networking for businesses, in line with its mission to drive growth in the UK. Support was needed to gain feedback from people attending the launch of a round of funding in Central London. My job was to identify those visitors who had come to attend the launch event and gain their thoughts and feedback on the overall success of the event – including how clear it was to apply for the funding on offer. Following the event, I wrote a brochure for UK Research and Innovation, which explored how businesses are unlocking the potential of intelligent local energy systems across the UK.