About Me

“Your service-with-a-smile style makes you very pleasant to work with and we wouldn’t hesitate to seek out your services in the future.”

Natalia Bogiatzoglou, Marketing Coordinator | Shepherd Offshore Team

I love what I do. Does that help? I get to work with some of the cleverest people in the world. Unplaiting complex stories, unravelling problems. Making complicated things simple.

I like to get to the heart of things. To understand what makes people tick.
Which means when we work together, I’ll ask a lot of questions about your project.
And ask why should people care?

Katherine of Haydn Grey standing behind a table holding a Haydn Grey branded coffee cup

I offer a wide range of copywriting services from white papers to online guides but specialise in three –

tone of voice development, website copywriting and scriptwriting for internal and external corporate videos.

Case Study

“Katherine’s professionalism and depth of knowledge was key to the success of the project and she used this to influence and support the team to ensure the desired outcome was achieved.”

Neil Bestford, Learning Resources Manager | NCFE

The brief:“We’re looking to develop a set of guidelines for a new logo lock-up that we’re introducing to help third parties explain the use of our brand when displayed on their learning materials. We also want to produce a promotional leaflet that promotes the service we offer to endorse third-party resources.”

Working with: NCFE

The project: Working with the Learning Resources Manager at NCFE to develop an in-house brand guidelines document that explained the relationship between the well-established NCFE and CACHE brands.

In addition, I was commissioned to write materials to promote NCFE’s third-party endorsement service.

Katherine of Haydn Grey at an industrial site with a branded safety hat

Case Study
Shout Digital

“Sometimes you need a specialist, but more importantly, someone who will have empathy with you and your company. That’s exactly what I needed when re-envisaging our proposition and tone of voice. Katherine nailed it perfectly, and I would highly recommend if you need a stand-out copywriter, you look no further than Katherine.”

Gary Boon, CEO and Founder | Shout

The brief: After ten years in business and with a wealth of award-winning work under their collective belts, the team at Shout were ready to clarify their offering and showcase the growing portfolio of digital experiences they’d developed for their clients.

Working with: The Shout team

The project: Shout develop digital experiences based on deep research and analysis, critical and creative thinking, and technical expertise.

With a focus on UX and CX, their new proposition, ‘Experience is everything’ forms the basis of their new brand tone of voice, brand story – and redeveloped website.

The company’s website now describes with clarity the outstanding service that Shout’s clients receive – and highlights the excellent engagement their experiences inspire.

“Katherine is a warm, consummate professional who very quickly gets under the skin of your business to understand exactly how she can best represent it in words. At no point did this ever feel like we were “creating a tone of voice”, it felt as though we had a series of enjoyable conversations that then, through Katherine’s expertise, became the embodiment of our organisation. That’s why we chose to work with Katherine, because lots of people can write copy, but no-one does it like she does.”

Laura Rothwell, Founder and Managing Director | Crystallised