Haydn Grey
Case Study

This is Creative Enterprise


“I wish I’d had that when I was at school.”

Client: This is Creative Enterprise
Website: https://thisiscreativeenterprise.com

This is Creative Enterprise (TICE) is a Community Interest Company, based in north-east England. The company employs mentors from a range of creative and digital sectors to give young people a taste of the opportunities that exist within the commercial creative, design and digital industries.

Working with businesses, schools, colleges, and universities, TICE provides students with creative innovation through business enterprise.

This is Creative Enterprise Logo

How we worked

  • Tone of voice development
  • Strapline development
  • Copywriting for digital and print

Much of the content on the This is Creative Enterprise site is generated by the different mentors who help to run the annual TICE programme – complete with photographs, videos and animations.

Founder, Jennifer Barrett, wanted to create a framework of pages to support the fast-moving programme and reflect the impact that TICE has on young people’s lives across the north east region and beyond.

An ‘emporium of brilliant ideas, incredible innovation and inspiring opportunities’ – Jennifer also needed a way to make sure that all the benefits offered by TICE were clear to prospective schools and businesses – with helpful guidance about how to get involved.

The Challenge

The TICE website needs to appeal to a diverse audience, from headteachers, universities, and local education authorities to businesses, teachers, parents and students.

The Response

The strapline for This is Creative Enterprise came as all the best straplines do – from the mouths of those people who experience what the company offers.

When explaining what TICE does – and the results it gets – the usual reaction from people is a wistful, “I wish I’d had that when I was at school.”

The Results

Working with Katherine [Haydn Grey] brought a pure sense of clarity to what we were trying to say to many, many audiences here at TICE. Attempting to write your own copy is a start but the feeling that everything is on ‘the tip of your tongue’ causes frustration, irritation and it’s simply not right.

Katherine has an ability to wade through your words and create the tone you’re looking for. What we have is perfect. It presents what we do and enables audiences to gain a true understanding of what we stand for. Thank you.

Jennifer Barrett, Founder and Managing Director | This is Creative Enterprise