Tone of Voice

When it comes to writing copy
Or communicating any kind of message for your business
It’s never just about what you say –
It’s also about how you say it.

Imagine your business is a person.
What are they like? What’s their personality type?
Are they quiet and reserved – or confident and bold?
And is this the same throughout the business?

This personality – this voice
Is what connects you with your customers
On an emotional level.
And makes people feel something about you as an organisation.

Done well, your brand’s voice will create trust with your customers.
It will attract brand advocates.
Unite your employees in your mission, vision and values.
Nurture customer loyalty.
And deliver your brand’s messages in the right way.
And for all these reasons,
It can also build your business.

Quite what you want people to feel about you and your business,
Will shape how you write about yourself as a brand.
And this will start to define your brand’s tone of voice.

From the words you choose
To the punctuation – or lack of – you use
And it’s what starts to make you – as a business – you.
And it sets you apart from your competition.

“When you sent this over, I only really skim-read it as I was so wrapped up in the content and the website. Now I’ve had time to properly go through the Tone of Voice and I just want to say, I think it is brilliant. It completely captures PCR – our ethics, our culture, our drive – I love it! I just realised I’d never really given you any proper feedback on this part so just wanted to say a big thanks :)”

Laurie Jones, Operations Manager | PCR Digital, London
Katherine of Haydn Grey standing behind a table holding a Haydn Grey branded coffee cup

“When it came to upgrading our website and writing about our own company, we felt a tad uncomfortable blowing our own trumpet without sounding rather obnoxious, and struggled to find the right ‘tone.’ Meeting Katherine was akin to arriving at an oasis in the desert. Katherine is engaging, warm, funny and clever. Katherine listened. Bloody well. A zillion questions later and she delivered a document that laid out the ethos of the business and our personalities on a page. When asking another colleague for her thoughts regarding the copy on the website, she said: “Oh my God, this sounds just like you two – only better!”

Lyn Spencer, Managing Partner, White Hot Communications

In a world where even the smallest business
Has a website and an online presence.
Your brand tone of voice is the secret ingredient
In laying a foundation which will help your ideal customer to find you.

Just as no two people are the same
No two businesses are the same.
And developing and using a strong, clear and unique tone of voice.
Will set your business apart.

“I’ve worked with Katherine on a number of projects in the last four years and she brings a special magic to everything she does. Whether it is helping a brand develop a compelling tone of voice for its marketing promotions, crafting beautiful, persuasive email campaigns or writing that very rare beast – viral content – Katherine excels.

Joanne Dolezal, Marketing Consultant | Dolezal Consulting

We’ll work with you to develop your brand tone of voice –
And help you to use it throughout your business.

From help to develop your brand tone of voice, write your website copy or craft a video script.
Give me a ring or send me an email and let’s talk.

Learn more:

Case Study
Ava Global

“It was a clear from our first engagement that Katherine understood the brief and would be able to work remotely with our executive team across the globe to deliver copy that would immediately differentiate Ava from its well established and multinational competitors. It was a pleasure to work with Katherine.” 

Chris Fergus, CEO | AVA Global

The brief: Ava Global’s website needs to describe the company’s offering in a way that can be understood – and fast. The tone of voice must appeal to highly respected clients who execute decisions at speed in this fast-moving global industry.

Working with: Award-winning design agency Climb Creative

The project: Using Skype to work with members of the Ava team around the world, a full tone of voice guide underpins the company’s communications across their website and social media presence.

Using this guide, the website copy is sparing in its use of industry terms to reflect the agility, elegance and usability of Ava’s offering.