Website Copy

Have you ever tried to write your own ‘About me’ or ‘About us’ page for your website?
Excruciating isn’t it? Because what does your audience want to know about you?
Is it how long you’ve been in business? Who you work with? Or how you help your customers?
Perhaps it’s all of the above – it depends where you work, what you do and who your customers are.

But how do you structure it? Where do you start?
And what about your homepage?
What goes on there?
And how can you ensure that a new visitor to your site knows what you do.
And why they should choose you – over and above anyone else on the market –
In a matter of seconds?

To develop a website for any business takes time.
Because to understand any organisation – what it offers and why – takes time.
To do this properly takes weeks, not days.

That’s why we’ll take you through a clear step-by-step process
With regular review and completion dates.
This keeps the momentum going –
And makes sure we’ve covered everything you need to include.

Then we get to work, planning out your site
Placing the right information on the right page
To create a smooth and logical user journey
and an intuitive customer experience.

“It was a clear from our first engagement that Katherine understood the brief. And that she would be able to work remotely with our executive team across the globe to deliver copy that would immediately differentiate Ava from its well established and multinational competitors. It was a pleasure to work with Katherine.” 

Chris Fergus, CEO | Ava Global
Katherine of Haydn Grey standing behind a table holding a Haydn Grey branded coffee cup

Case Study
Simpsons Malt

“Katherine is a trusted member of my associate team and I would highly recommend her to any agency or company that wants to be a cut above the rest..”

Natasha McDonough, Director | MMC Agency

The brief: We needed website copy that would resonate with craft brewers, corporate brewers, and distillers. A hard task for many a copywriter. However, Katherine’s flair and understanding of the outcome required helped create a tone of voice that brought the quality, taste and flavour of Simpsons Malt to life.

Working with: Working with marketing communications agency MMC and identity, graphic and web design company Courage Creative

The project:The tone of voice document for this project was developed after a series of site visits and tours and interviews with key members of the Simpsons Malt team. And by chewing the malt in the company boardroom with Richard and Peter Simpson, surrounded by bottles of the many beers and whiskies that are made with Simpsons Malt around the world.

One client said that we ‘boil the ocean’ to find the grains of salt.
We like to think we simply cut out the crap.

“Outstanding copywriting for digital and print. Give your business the words it needs to sell.”

Belinda White, Creative Director | Arttia Creative Limited

We’ll look at what sets you apart from the competition.
Why customers should care just how you do what you do.
And how to access what you offer.

And we’ll clarify all that information
Then craft the copywriting for your website that’s:

  • Engaging
  • Concise
  • Easy-to-read
  • Simple to understand

And that converts visitors into loyal customers.
Telling your prospects about what you do, what you offer and why.

So, in simple terms, your homepage attracts attention.
Your about us page engages your reader
Your services pages outline what you offer – and fast.
And your contact page has a clear call to action.

“We saved a great amount of time – working with Katherine allowed us to concentrate on our core business. The copy was worded in a way to encourage prospective clients to contact us with a clear call to action.”

Andrew Norman, Director | Inspiremed

We write copy for websites that work hard
That increase visitor numbers
And reduce bounce rates.

“Added results of the improved website copy? Definitely more enquiries, longer website sessions and visits and a lot of feedback from prospective employees and clients that the new website communicated all our services a lot more clearly and in greater detail.”

Natalia Bogiatzoglou, Marketing Coordinator | Shepherd Offshore

We craft websites that answer your customers’ questions.
That show in search results
And that grow businesses.

“Katherine has an amazing ability with words. She managed to write content that reads the way I talk, it sounds more like me than me! That’s a true talent!”

Gill Brereton, Director | Dockwray Accounting
Katherine of Haydn Grey standing behind a table holding a Haydn Grey branded coffee cup

Case Study
WhiteHot Comms

“This lady can write. She gets inside your head and your business and translates your salient and selling points into witty engaging copy. We spent a few hours with this perceptive talented person – thinking we’d just waffled on and not really told our story. Amazingly she summed us up, she got us. She gave us a voice that a very close friend said “sounded like us only better”. Can not recommend KW highly enough. Thank you… She also does a mean Victoria Wood impersonation and for that reason alone you need to meet her.”

Nicky McKean, Founding Partner |White Hot Communications

The brief: Nicky and Lyn are PR consultants with a roster of clients across the north-east and beyond that includes Yo! Sushi and Marvel Universe LIVE! As is common, perhaps particularly for those of us who write for a living, they were struggling to find the time to write their own copy in-between promoting their clients’ work.

Working with:  Virtually Web and White Hot

The project: Website redevelopment and a tone of voice document to outline Lyn and Nicky’s combined skills and business offering – and show off their vivacity, sense of humour and ability to get results.

“As public relations consultants, writing is a natural and essential part of the daily workload for White Hot Communications. However, when it came to upgrading our website and writing about our own company, we felt a tad uncomfortable blowing our own trumpet without sounding rather obnoxious, and struggled to find the right ‘tone.’ Meeting Katherine was akin to arriving at an oasis in the desert. Katherine is engaging, warm, funny and clever. Katherine listened. Bloody well. A zillion questions later and she delivered a document that laid out the ethos of the business and our personalities on a page. When asking another colleague for her thoughts regarding the copy on the website, she said: “Oh my God, this sounds just like you two – only better!”

Lyn Spencer, Managing Partner | White Hot Communications