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What was happening in your life that brought you to the Copywriting Conference this year?

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A cheeky round-up of the Copywriting Conference 2019 at The Barbican with Joanna Wiebe and more... read more
The Barbican Silk Street Entrance

CopyHackers Joanna Wiebe

Joanna Wiebe

I know. Joanna IN REAL LIFE Wiebe. I felt like John Taylor was going to hit the stage with the bass line from Rio.

From pirate copy – it’s all about the AARRR – to highly seduce-able moments. Joanna reminded us that in the end, no matter what we write – we’re all just ‘trying to get the yes’.

When listening in to a sales call – watch out for when your prospect says things like ‘I’m worried about’ or ‘Can you show me?’ It’s in those short but important exchanges that the messaging for your copy lies. “

Joanna Wiebe | Copyhackers #CopyCon2019
Richard Shotton

Richard Shotton

Richard’s explanation of ‘The Pratfall Effect’ got me thinking.

Could a copywriter build on that classic line from Guinness about ‘Good things come to those who wait.’ Or does said copywriter just need a killer PA for those weeks when five projects land at once? Conclusion? There’s exhibiting a flaw – and there’s needing to set sensible deadlines.

Richard Shotton

If people underestimate the detrimental effect of barriers, they’ll put too little time, effort, and money into removing them.”

Richard Shotton | Astroten #CopyCon19
Apple Steve Jobs Shotton
Behavioral insights

Sally Mayor

You can make a connection, simply by naming your reader. ‘Join 2000 other subscribers…’ ‘In studies, 9 out of 10 dieticians recommended…’ ‘Marsha has just bought… Lucy is reading…’ HubSpot does it, GoodReads does it… How could you do it?”

Sally Mayor | WordNerd #CopyCon19
Glenn Fisher and Katherine Wildman

Glenn Fisher

Be useful. Stop shouting and start sharing – also known as, ‘Leverage my knowness and my knowiosity’.

While Katherine’s over there, stealing some power for her phone… We’re from the North. There isn’t much electricity where we’ve come from…”

Glenn Fisher | Cheeky bugger #CopyCon19
(I was too busy belly laughing at Glenn’s presentation to take notes – but buy the book for his knowisoity – and listen to his podcast… Info: | Blog:
Lorraine David Cat

Charlie’s Angels with their pedometers – appreciating the wayfinding in The Barbican

Lorraine Lighthouse Proofreading| David “Euro Stars” McGuire Radix Communications and Host Extraordinaire| Cat CatCopyCreative #CopyCon19
Laura Parker UX writer

Laura Parker

“Copywriters get people through the door. UX writers get them to come back.”

Laura Parker | Laura Parker Copywriting #CopyCon19

Harendra Kapur

Harendra Kapur Velocity

Everyone has a hard-on for data at the moment. But it’s not enough to research facts. What about customer opinion? How do people feel about the risks they’re taking.

As a marketer – you have to have skin in the game and take the same risks as your client. You wouldn’t eat in a restaurant where the chefs didn’t eat their own food, would you? What we do is the same.

Don’t just say. Do! It makes the job a whole lot more fucking interesting.”

Harendra Kapur | Velocity Partners #CopyCon19

Erm… wine

Drinks afterparty copycon

Early-bird bookings

Leif! Can we come back tomorrow?”

Katherine Wildman | Haydn Grey #CopyCon19
Bookings are open for 2020


Leif Kendall | Book the 2020 Conference now

With huge thanks to Leif, David and all the ProCopywriters team – you smashed it.

K x

Written By Katherine

Katherine Wildman is a copywriter for creative agencies and multinational brands – and the Creative Director of Haydn Grey.

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